An offsite event on the sunny high plateau of Seefeld

"Action, fun and teambuilding" was the motto for the offsite event of an Austrian family business from the hotel industry.

Number of participants: 34 persons

An eventful afternoon awaited the participants with different Teambuilding & Fun Challenges at the Lottensee near Seefeld and a cozy evening at the "Ropferstub'm"

After the transfer to the sunny plateau of Seefeld the participants were warmly welcomed by our guides and divided into smaller teams. Then it was about to solve funny, tricky or challenging tasks at different stations. Whether archery, driving monster trucks, building a bridge without nails and hammer, playing the “blinde Gespann” team game or transporting a golf ball with gutters as quickly as possible to the final goal, there were activities for every taste and it was laughed a lot. In between the stations the participants could take a break and get soft drinks and relax at the deck chairs.

At the end, all teams were allowed to prove their creativity and the most original scarecrow was chosen. After the award ceremony we started with a leisurely hike to the Ropferstub'm. At the hut there was a delicious barbecue served and the winners of the day received their certificate. At the end of the offsite event in Seefeld everybody was allowed to try out a funny traditional hut game called “Wettnageln” and at 9 pm it was finally time for the journey home.